Teaching Blocks

The crosses that I design and make are intended to help teach valuable lessons about the nature of faith. They are intended to help deepen a person’s spirituality. Between the design of the cross, the woods used and the included write-ups, many have used the crosses in a variety of educational settings to teach important lessons of faith.

Recently I have inlaid different combinations of crosses into a blocks of ‘bog birch’ to celebrate various aspects of ministry and faith. These ‘Teaching Blocks’ use the standard size crosses (5 ¼ inch) and all of the original woods. The beams of each cross are joined with a 45 degree angle. Each block has a symbol or image set into the top with a hole drilled in the bottom of the block to hold prayers or write-ups.

A person interested in one of these blocks can determine which combination of crosses they would want. So far, I have used only those crosses that have the traditional ‘Latin Cross’ with the straight horizontal beam. A cross like the “Heart and Hand Cross” or the “Kitchen Cross” can be included. It will just take a bit of figuring as to how to include them.

The cost for a single Teaching Block is $175. Includes 4 inlaid crosses and an medallion of heart set into the top. Finished with clear lacquer. The following are offered as examples:

“In celebration of the anniversary of a person’s ordination.”

Cross of Healing and Cross of Joy
Cross of Healing and Cross of Joy
Cross of the Soaring Spirit and Cross of The Word
Circle of Hands Medallion

“Given to friend that was retiring.”

Cross of Hope
Cross of Holy Communion
Stole Cross
Cross of New Life
Circle of Hands Medallion