Star of David

The question: Do I do things other than crosses? Answer: Yes! I chose 2 woods from the Jewish scriptures. The Star of David is made of olive wood. One triangle is made of the sapwood (plain) while the second triangle is made from the heartwood of the olive tree (marbled grain). The 12 pegs are turned from Cedar of Lebanon; the wood used by King Solomon to build the Temple in Jerusalem. The challenge was the complex joinery is this relatively simple symbol of faith.

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Star of David Cross

Last Christmas, I received a request to make this cross for a school in Texas. As gently as possible I said that I felt uncomfortable putting a Star of David on the cross. I was told that the founder of the school was a Jewish woman who had survived the concentration camps and later had converted to Christianity. The request then made very good sense! The descending dove is made of olive. The Star of David is made of myrtle from Israel. The cross is made of mesquite. The school insisted…

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Stethoscope Cross

The request was to design a cross with a stethoscope being ‘worn’ on the cross much like a doctor would wear the stethoscope. This was designed to celebrate how a person would listen to both the heart and the soul.

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Sunshine Cross

He always sang ‘you are my sunshine’ for his wife. After he died, their daughter asked me to make a cross for her mother celebrating his life and their marriage. Apple wood is thought to have the essence of love and healing within it. The sun is made of a yellow wood called Pau amerillo.

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Survival Knot Spoon

This gift was a gift to a person moving through the ‘dark days’ of cancer treatment. It is the blending of three traditions: the nourishing motif of the Welsh Love Spoon, the interconnectedness of life within the Celtic Knot motif, and the theology of the Tlingit people in the carving of the moon and raven. It simply says, “in times of darkness there is a small light that comes as a gift.” (see Cross of Light)

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Three Scriptures Spiral

This spiral honors and celebrates the hope of  God/Allah/Yehaweh as expressed through the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith traditions. The ‘three coil’ spiral is an image that expresses the vision of faith that each of the three scriptures articulate. Each coil is distinctive even as it is ‘held’ by the other two. The three woods are distinct species (humilis, mahagoni, macrophyllia) from the Sweitenia family of wood.

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Tree of Life

This Tree of Life design was a gift to hospital chaplain. I had seen the concept of this design several years ago and modified it to better suit its purpose. The tree is made up of various figures that bring life and energy to the vision of the Tree of Life. The tree is made of wenge (central dark figure), pear (tan), boxwood (mustard colored), and chakte-vega (orange). The leaves are made of lignum vitae and the horizon is satine. The tree is set onto a piece of maple with the…

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