Marriage Celebration

This Love Spoon celebrates the second marriage of a couple. They wanted to include something that would include their one child, having the primary image that would honor the family. Thus the two individual leaves merge into the wedding bands of the couple. The pinwheel of hearts gives expression to the dynamic relationships within this family of three.

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Music Composition Cross

Embedded within the mahogany ‘Budded’ Cross, is a line of music composed by a music director/husband/father. The musical piece was offered in worship on Mother’s Day in honor of his wife and their children’s mother. His choir commissioned me to design and make this cross to celebrate his music ministry.

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Seasons of Life Circle

This chip-carved piece was commissioned to honor the 40th birthday of a son. The four ‘Seasons of Life’ circles uses either the number 10 or 40 to celebrate his 4 decades of life. The seasons are surrounded by a 40 link carved chain.

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Shelter Cross

This is a modified Shelter Cross that I designed for an Adult Mission Trip from New Hampshire who went to Louisiana to work in the restoration efforts after Hurricane Katrina. I used Bald Cypress (State Tree of Louisiana), White Birch (State Tree of New Hampshire) and olive (the roof).

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St. Paul Catholic High School Cross

This Cross was made as a gift for the St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol, Connecticut. It uses the traditional symbols associated with St. Paul (the sword and the open Bible). I added two extra symbols that speak to the ‘spirit of community’ – the value of relationships formed at school symbolized by the circle of hands in the upper left corner and the pinwheel that symbolizes the power of a community moved by the Holy Spirit. I used eight different woods on this cross.

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