Good News Cross

This cross has two hands releasing a butterfly. This cross celebrates the release of a person, transformed by the power of faith into the world to proclaim Good News and to discover what it means to serve as Christ has served us.

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Heart Cross Frame

There are many ways to symbolize the union of two people in marriage. Many light one candle from two or pour two colored sands into one glass. The ‘heart cross’ is placed into the ‘cross frame’ by a couple to represent the many different ways in which the love of God is experienced in the couple’s life. The ‘heart cross’ is held into the ‘frame cross’ with three pegs. The piece is 12 inches tall with the inside width of the ‘heart cross’ being 2 inches.

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Interfaith Wedding Spoon

The challenge: To find a way to include a Star of David and a Cross in a wedding present that celebrates an interfaith marriage. Answer: A Welsh Love Spoon that affirms how a couple (symbolize by the two interlocking wedding rings) is fed by both faith traditions. The wood used for this spoon is a ‘flame cut’ birch.

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Kitchen Cross with Infinity Knot

The request was to make a Kitchen Cross that is 12 inches with some extra personality. Using the Celtic knots of the Welsh Love Spoons, I used the “Infinity Knot” at the top of the spoon to symbolize the universal need to be fed in tangible and substantive ways by the Love of God. It is a reminder to Christians that we are to follow Christ’s command when he said, “Feed my sheep.” – no matter who they are or where they may be. The Truth carried within the “Infinity Knot”…

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Knights of Columbus 100th Anniversary Cross

The Knights of Columbus have a very intricate emblem. I designed this cross for a Chapter who was celebrating their 100th anniversary. The woods include Pau Amerello (yellow), Satine (red), Holly (white) and the dark background is Wenge (unfortunately there is no wood that is the color blue). The cross is white oak with the plaque being made of Ash. The Cross is 12 inches.

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Lakota Medicine Wheel

This is a Medicine Wheel of the Lakota people living in South Dakota. It was created to be a gift presented by a man who was going to participate in a Sun Dance. It was important to have the colors/woods in the right quadrant of the Wheel. The woods are Holly (white), Ebony (black), Satine (red) and Pau amarello (yellow). The wheel is made of Yellow Birch.

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Letter G

This letter ‘G’ is designed in the style of the Book of Kells. It was given by a grandmother to celebrate the birth of her grandson whose name begins with G. It is a wall hanging approximately 5″ x 8″ made of white birch.

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