Cross of the Path

The “Cross of the Path” honors and affirms the various ‘paths’ that each of us take on the journey of faith. They all arrive at the center of the Cross – at the heart of life where we encounter the living God. This was inspired by Jesus’ words: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” The cross is made of cherry. The paths are made of European Beech. The nimbus is made of yellow Birch.

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Crosses of Liturgical Colors

I was asked to make crosses for the ushers of a congregation that corresponded to the liturgical colors. The crosses are 4+ inches by 3/8 inches. Each cross has a silky adjustable cord with the correct liturgical color. Sold in sets of 4: 1 cross per color. Advent and Lent: purple heart wood (purple) Easter and Christmas: Holly wood (white) Pentecost/ordination: Staine wood (red) Season of Pentecost: heartwood of Poplar (green) $40.00 per set

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Deacon’s Cross

This is a Deacon’s Cross. Deacon’s stole appears to be draped across the front of the Cross. The stole, sash and cross are all joined together to stabilize and strengthen the piece. This cross can be made in several different sizes. Please contact me directly if you are interested in this design ([email protected]).

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Endless Celtic Knot

What to give a colleague who has dedicated his life to pastoral counseling? What to give a person who understands the intricacies of interpersonal relationships and who has always had a vision of wholeness at the center of faith? What to give a person of faith who doesn’t look for the beginning or the end but is appreciative of the process and is attentive to the details of relationships? Give him a Celtic Knot that has no beginning or end- no up or down – no front or back!

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General Secretary Cross

This is a wooden copy of the silver cross worn by the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches. The cross is made of submerged cherry. The ring is made of myrtle. The three waves are made of olive wood using both the sap and heart wood.

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Ghana Mentor Crosses

I was asked to design two special cross for a minister to give to his mentor who was returning to Ghana. The nyameohene image (on left) is made of curly maple with black walnut. The sankofa image (on right) is made of Western Alder.

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