A and K Wedding Knot

This knot was designed for as a wedding gift of a couple whose initials are A and K. The two letters were the logo for their wedding. The knot-work added an extra dimension. It is carved from white birch and carved on one side so that it could be framed or mounted on a wall.

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Anniversary Welsh Love Spoon

I was asked to design a Welsh Love Spoon for a couple who was celebrating their 3rd Wedding Anniversary. They wanted me to the number three as a major image along with the Circle of Hands Medallion and interlocked wedding bands. I chose to use three hearts fashioned interconnected through a sort of spiral. Three hearts, two lines (evolving into the two wedding bands) and one relationship.

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Armenian Baptism Cross

I was asked to make an Armenian Cross to celebrate the baptism of a child. The 8 points of the Cross is representative of the Beatitudes. The clusters of three ‘loops’ at each point is a witness to the Holy Trinity. The knot motif of the carving honors the woven relationships that surround the child. The Cross is made of Yellow Birch. The smaller internal cross is made of Boxwood. The shell is the traditional Christian symbol for Baptism.

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Blessed By Joy Welsh Love Spoon

This 18 inch Welsh Love Spoon is made of a of pear wood. It was a gift in celebration of a couple’s wedding. Blessed By Joy is the name of the spoon. The double bowl branches weave themselves into the body of the spoon. The circle of hearts knot surrounds the couple with love and support. The infinity knot at the top honors the eternal nature of God’s love.

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Church Educator Teaching Stick

This is a Teaching Stick designed for a church educator. Each of the 8 crosses that are set into birch blocks high light various aspects of Christian theology. The geometric chip-carved disks use numerology to reference various Biblical stories. Between the woods chosen, the crosses and the disks, there are innumerable lessons of faith.

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Confirmation Cross

This Cross was designed to honor a person’s Confirmation. The Cross included three gifts: the note of a beautiful voice, the masks of the theater and the ballet slippers of dance. The piece is about 12 inches using cherry, birch, ebony, maple and walnut.

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Cross of the Camino de Saniago

For pilgrims traveling the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain, the scallop shell points the way. I was asked to design a cross for a family who was making this pilgrimage. The yellow scallop shell (pau amerello) is fitted into an olive wood medallion. This is then set into a cross made of Satine.

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