Polka-Dot Cross

A whimsical title for a very traditional cross that is well suited for teaching children about the many aspects of Jesus’ life. In a folk tale, blind mice try to describe what they believe to be in the middle of the room as seen through their paws. One felt a trunk of a tree but it wasn’t. Another felt a fan but it wasn’t. Others felt a snake, a rope, a spear. From their perspective, each might have been right. If they were to look at the whole, they would have realized they were describing an elephant. Christians have done this to Jesus for generations. As we learn lessons from each ‘station’ of the cross (from each polka-dot), our perspective of Jesus expands and grows to see His true nature.

Wood of cross: Myrtle

Polka-dots: Hand-turned from scraps of other crosses including olive, wenge, satine, purpleheart, and chakte vega