Triquetra With Heart Cross

The triquetra is a traditional ‘three loop’ Celtic Knot. In this design, the three ‘loop line’ is opened up into expand the line to include a heart. The knot is created with one line – the lifeline – making this an infinity knot with neither beginning or end. In the complexity of this knot, there is a simple truth: that relationships experienced along the path of life are a reflection of God’s infinite love. Woods: myrtle, holly, pau amarello Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Wedding Cross

Free Standing This cross is approximately 7” by 3”. The cross pictured is made of red oak. The interlocked rings are of apple. The base is myrtle. Options: I can provide any number of types of wood for the cross including Purple Heart, Oak (from a beam of an old New England Church), Wenge and Maple. To personalize: I have used tree branches from the homes where the bride and groom grew up, or a leftover piece of lumber from the mantle of the couple’s new home. If you want to…

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