Elements of Nature (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire) (regular and large size)

4 elements of nature carved into the 4 stems of the cross. For earth, look to Psalm 104: 14-18 or the parable about building the house upon the rock (Matt 7:24). For water, look to Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman (John 4:14) or the cleansing of Namaan (2 Kings 5:14). For wind, look to Jesus’ calming of the storm (Luke 8:24) and the creation story in Genesis 1:2. For fire, look to God speaking from the burning bush (Exodus 3:2) and the flames of Pentecost (Acts 2). Wood for Cross:…

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Firefighter’s Cross

This cross honors the service of this group of first responders whose sacrifice is remembered in prayer and devotion. In designing this cross, I wanted to use special materials. The helmet is made of mammoth tusk, carved by Jim Lorette. Based on the design of the Maltese Cross, the firefighter insignia is made using a modified marquetry technique so that the small red pieces (Satine wood) fit exactly into the yellow outline (Pau amarello wood). The insignia is set into an ‘oversized’ cross made of Holly, a wood associated with prayer….

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Hand & Heart Cross

An outstretched hand forms the horizontal bar of the cross. Resting on the hand is a heart. This cross asks the challenging question of faith: How do you hold the heart of another? Casually, or with love and care? Vertical post of the cross: Dogwood (when available) or maple Hand: Chaukte Vega Heart: Satine Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Host and Heart Cross

This cross was designed for First Communion celebrations for children. The images are very simple The oversized heart points to the ‘largeness’ of God’s love as experienced in the Sacrament. God’s love and the life of faith, as seen in the sacred heart, are at the center of Christ’s message to “love one another even as I have loved you.” A cross is carved into the representation of the Host. Woods: Satine (heart), White Oak (cross), Holly (Host) Regular size, $37.00

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Jerusalem Cross

This is a traditional design that goes one step further in the choice of woods. In the Parable of the mustard seed, Luke refers to the mulberry tree in making the point about the power of faith. To include this parable in this Jerusalem Cross, the four smaller crosses are made of mulberry with a mustard seed set into the center of the cross. The cross is two inches square. Woods used: myrtle and mulberry $37.00

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Kitchen Cross

This cross is designed to celebrate Christ’s words, “Feed my sheep,” and honors church suppers, Women’s Fellowship events, or a ministry to a Soup Kitchen. Kitchen utensils — spoon, spatula, and fork — make up the cross. This cross is easily personalized by using specific woods that have special meaning. It can further be personalized by sending me particular pieces of wood. Woods: Poplar, Sapele, Chakte Vega $37.00

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Labyrinth Cross

The labyrinth of this cross is a modified five-circuit design based on the larger 12 circuit one at the Chartres Cathedral in France. The hand-cut labyrinth is 1 ½ inches in diameter. It is set into a medallion made of padauk. The cross is made of white birch and is finished with a clear lacquer. Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Lily and Hammer Cross

The message of this cross is simple: The place where the works of faith (symbolized by the hammer) intersect with the spirituality of prayer (symbolized by the lily) is where the Truth of the Cross and the Promise of the  Resurrection is alive. The woods used include myrtle (or Iroko), tulipwood, Swiss pear, holly, and willow. Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Paw Print Cross

This cross celebrates the relationship a person has with a special pet. It is appropriate that this ‘paw print’ is connected with the cross. Christ talked about how special relationships are when based on unconditional love. It is the fulfillment of the Promise of the Resurrection. Woods:  cross – curly maple paw print – walnut $37.00

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Pinwheel Cross

I designed this cross for a group of 13 who were on a special mission ministry. I used a child’s pinwheel as a tangible image of how the Holy Spirit moves through a group empowering them to do ministry. The woods are holly and oak. $37.00

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