Cross of Service

This cross is designed as a memorial for those officers whose sacrifice has served the greater community. The blue line of crushed lapis is a witness to the line of demarcation between the higher morality that cares for the needs of others and a ‘low’ morality that preys upon the vulnerable. The black ebony ribbon honors that officer who has died. The badge is made of curly maple while the cross is made of white birch. Each cross is inscribed with the officer’s name and badge number. Cross of Service $37.00

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Cross of Shelter

This is a simple design inspired by a frequently used image in the Bible. God is our shelter in a time of need (Psalm 27:5). God is a shelter from the rain and shade from the heat (Isaiah 25:4). Under God’s roof, there are rooms within the house. There is the upper room where Jesus went for the Last Supper. There is Jesus’ admonition to go to one’s room to pray in private. There is Jesus’ vision of heaven as having many rooms. Woods: African Mahogany, Myrtle and Beech $26.00

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Cross of The Healing Heart

The theological emphasis of this cross is on the healing power of being in relationship with one another and God. The myrtle used for the cross speaks to the restoration of hope. The satine (wood of the heart) is a witness to the healing spirit of being in relationship. Woods: Satine, myrtle, cherry and maple Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of the Path

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). Each of our experiences create a unique path of faith. They all converge at the center of the Cross – at the heart of the Christ – at that place where heaven and earth intersect. It is at that intersection where we greet fellow pilgrims as we are greeted by our Risen Lord who embraces us with the hug of grace (the nimbus). Woods: Cherry, European Beech, Yellow Birch…

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Cross of the Soaring Spirit

This cross uses the image of a kite to express the relationship between soaring free while remaining grounded. This is a wonderful image for Pentecost highlighted by the use of the red Satine wood and the 5 little bow ties. Woods: English Yew and Satine Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of the Table

It is said that when 2 or more are gathered, we are fed by love and grace. Using the two elements of the Meal, this cross draws a distinction between the legend of the Last Supper and the experience of the Sacrament. Woods: Dogwood and European Beech Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of the Vision

The Magi followed the Star bring their gifts to the Christ Child. The number five is key for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In the interconnected journey of the Star’s life-line, the Vision is that we recognize the gifts we all have and use to enable the realization of God’s Vision of peace and justice. It is the journey to hope and freedom. Woods: Aspen, myrtle, and Pau amerillo. Regular size, $37.00 Large size, $50.00 Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of The Word

The Open Bible proclaims that God’s Word comes to each of us as the Word of Love. It is God’s Word incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ – born to this world in a humble stable – resurrected in the glory of Easter morning. The red inlaid heart articulates this. Woods: Myrtle, Wenge, European Beech, Satine Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Disciple’s Cross

The 12 point ‘chip carving’ medallion is at the center of the Disciple’s Cross. This cross can be used at Confirmation of when new members join a congregation by celebrating the diverse gifts and ministries of all 12 of the disciples. The two kinds of wood used are from the Celtic tradition. The white wood is holly- the tree of the winter and introspection. The darker wood is white oak- the tree of the summer, strength, and productivity. By combining them, the message of the cross is a call to keep…

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Dragonfly Cross

The dragonfly is a symbol of self-actualization or realization, transformation, and freedom. In this ancient being, the Truth of the Resurrection is celebrated. This cross along with the children’s story entitled “Waterbugs and Dragonflies” by Doris Stickney can help children learn about the life and transcends death. Woods: cherry, ebony (or wenge), lacewood Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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