Circle of Hands Cross

The two hands of this cross are designed to form a circle — a symbol of wholeness within a friendship between two people. The hands are set into a medallion giving the impression that the hands are encircled by a halo (or nimbus), the symbol for the presence of God. The cross is designed to be given in pairs, as a gift of friendship. Wood of cross: Purpleheart Medallion: Quaparobo Hands: Cherry and maple Regular size, $37.00 Large size, $50.00 Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Comma Cross

I designed this cross for a colleague who attended the General Synod of the United Church of Christ during the summer of 2007. The comma is made of black walnut. The nimbus is made of holly. The cross is made of myrtle. The UCC motto is to resist putting a period where God uses a comma. $37.00

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Cross of Creation

Chip carving is a folk art from the Scandinavian countries. The sections of this mandala refers to the 7 days of creation, the 7 times that Joshua marched around Jericho, the 7 times Namaan cleansed himself, and the 7×70 formula for the number of times one is to forgive. Wood for Cross: African Mahogany Carved Medallion: Light colored veneer over Mahogany $30.00

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Cross of Healing

Each of the three woods of this cross is associated with some aspect of healing. The white wood of holly is associated with prayer. The purpleheart is connected with the healing that comes with social justice. The red Satine is used in shamanistic healing practices in Panama. Together they celebrate the healing power of the Cross as experienced in God’s love. $37.00

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Cross of Hope

This cross is for those who offer hope to those without hope, for those who offer support to those who do not have anything firm to stand upon, for those who listen to God when others faith to hear. Using the Biblical woods of myrtle, Mediterranean cypress, and olive wood, this cross is for those who offer peace and hope; as did the returning dove. Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of Joy

The Cross of Joy is the celebration of how one can brighten the day of another just by being present. It celebrates how simple acts of kindness are deep expressions of love that can heal and restore. The woods used are cherry (cross), pau amarello (sun), satine (heart). Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of Love, Honor and Prayer

For generations, people have turned to prayer to experience that deep spiritual connection that God provides during times of separation. In recent times, the YELLOW RIBBON has become that symbol of honor associated with those whose service to country has carried them away from family. It is a symbol that reminds a community of the need to remember those who serve and the loved ones left behind. (Upon request, a person’s name can be inscribed on the yellow ribbon at no extra charge). Woods: Cherry and Pau Amerello $37.00

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Cross of New Life

Just in time for Lent and Easter is this special cross that is especially helpful in helping children understand and experience the Promise of Easter. As prayer beads have helped people of faith focus their prayers, the “eyes” of the butterfly’s wings help children focus on God’s Promise of New Life as they count the ways in which they experience God’s love. Wood of the cross: is purpleheart wood (the color of Lent) Wood of the butterfly’s wings: Bird’s Eye Maple Wood of the butterfly’s body: Pau amerillo Sizes Regular $37.00…

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Cross of Peace

Through the usage of the three kinds of wood of this Cross, the vision of the Peaceable Kingdom is embraced and Christ as the Prince of Peace is affirmed. The yellow sun backdrop of the Pau amarello symbolizes the Light of the World. The olive wood dove brings the branch of hope and peace. The myrtle of  Isaiah’s prophesy is used for the cross. Woods: Olive, Pau Amarello, Myrtle Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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Cross of Reconciliation

The Promise of the Cross is that of new life in reconciliation. This modified Mpatapo Knot is from Ghana. It is symbolic of 4 hands or 2 people coming together to reconcile with each other as seen in the 4 circles. But reconciliation happens only when confession is present. The carving on the back of the cross is that of the Cup and Rings found in the ancient carvings found in Scotland. Confession is the process of emptying of oneself that then flows to the base of the Cross (as the…

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