Baptism Cross

The scallop shell is the traditional symbol for the Sacrament of Baptism, reflecting how it is that God’s grace and love are poured out upon our lives. It is a symbol used to mark the way on pilgrimages. It says that on the pilgrimage of life, God’s blessing is poured out upon life. This cross can have either a natural scallop shell or a hand-carved wooden shell. Both are set into the wooden cross.

Options: There are two options for the scallop shell. On a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida, I collected many beautiful scallop shells. One of these can be set into the center of the cross. The second option is a hand-carved wooden scallop shell made from Olive wood, curly maple, or Padauk (orange hue which darkens with age).

I can provide any number of types of wood for the cross, including Purple Heart, maple or African Mahogany

To personalize: Provide me a piece of wood that has particular meaning to you. I have used a tree branch from a family’s home, the arm of a chair from a broken rocking chair, or a leftover piece of lumber from a baby’s cradle. I need enough good wood (straight and free of blemishes, knots, or cracks) to mill a piece that is one-inch square and 9 inches in length. Hardwood makes for the best results.

The celebration of this Sacrament is a sacred time. It can be honored with a personalized Baptism Cross using the traditional symbol of the scallop shell and cross.

Regular size, natural shell, $26.00

Regular size, carved shell, $37.00

Large size, natural shell, $42.00

Type of Shell