New! Cross of Reconciliation

The Promise of the Cross is that of new life in reconciliation. This modified Mpatapo Knot is from Ghana. It is symbolic of 4 hands or 2 people coming together to reconcile with each other as seen in the 4 circles. But reconciliation happens only when confession is present. The carving on the back of the cross is that of the Cup and Rings found in the ancient carvings found in Scotland. Confession is the process of emptying of oneself that then flows to the base of the Cross (as the…

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Featured: Cross of the Path

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). Each of our experiences create a unique path of faith. They all converge at the center of the Cross – at the heart of the Christ – at that place where heaven and earth intersect. It is at that intersection where we greet fellow pilgrims as we are greeted by our Risen Lord who embraces us with the hug of grace (the nimbus). Woods: Cherry, European Beech, Yellow Birch…

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New! Cross of the Vision

The Magi followed the Star bring their gifts to the Christ Child. The number five is key for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In the interconnected journey of the Star’s life-line, the Vision is that we recognize the gifts we all have and use to enable the realization of God’s Vision of peace and justice. It is the journey to hope and freedom. Woods: Aspen, myrtle, and Pau amerillo. Regular size, $37.00 Large size, $50.00 Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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New! The Cross of the Immigrant

The Biblical imperative is the welcome the stranger –to love the alien. In the Gospels, it is written that people will come from east and west…. from north and south and sit at Table in the Kingdom of God. The life-line of this four looped Celtic Knot reaches out to the 4 corners of God’s Creation. The life-line intersects itself bringing people together in relationships that reveal the beauty of the Peaceable Kingdom. Unlike my other crosses, the central image is carved within the Cross thus making the vision of the…

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New! Tree of Life Cross

From the Biblical Garden of Eden to the children’s literary classic entitled The Giving Tree, the Tree of Life has played a central role in the spiritual journey of the faithful. This tree’s silhouette engages one to move from the intertwined roots to the sturdy trunk to the branches of the canopy. As the Spirit moves across the tree and the cross the prayer is that one will hear their story and Christ’s story blending into a witness of hope. Woods: Katalox, White Birch and Myrtle Regular size, $37.00 Large size,…

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Baptism Cross

The scallop shell is the traditional symbol for the Sacrament of Baptism, reflecting how it is that God’s grace and love are poured out upon our lives. It is a symbol used to mark the way on pilgrimages. It says that on the pilgrimage of life, God’s blessing is poured out upon life. This cross can have either a natural scallop shell or a hand-carved wooden shell. Both are set into the wooden cross. Options: There are two options for the scallop shell. On a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida, I…

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Baseball Cross

I have always associated various aspects of baseball with important aspects of spirituality: attentiveness, grace, etc. Does one dwell upon the 60% failure to get a hit or celebrate the .400 batting percentage? The woods used in this cross are Ash (wood of baseball bats), white lilac for home plate and holly for the ball. Regular size, $37.00

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Blessing Cross

This cross is especially nice for celebrating the spirit of a special friendship. The cross is made from two pieces of wood — the dove of one and the outstretched hands of the other. When sold as a pair, each person has a piece of the other’s cross. The silver line is zinc, a conductor of energy, affirming how friends empower each other. Woods: Wenge and either Olive or Curly Maple $37.00

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Bridge Cross

Some bridges reunite and serve as a symbol of reconciliation and return. Other bridges serve as a reminder of division and separation. The cross helps us understand and hold in balance both truths. The presence of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove helps us look to the function of reunion and reconciliation. Cross: Purpleheart Dove: Olive heartwood Bridge columns: Olive sapwood $37.00

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Carpenter’s Cross

This cross celebrates how it is that we participate in the building of the kingdom. The tools that form the cross – pry bar, hammer, and saw – symbolize the various stages of building. Depending on the availability of materials, the wood used for this cross comes from 6 continents. Due to the highly intricate work on this cross, the cost is $50 per cross. Woods include: Maple (North America), Wenge (Africa), Eucalyptus (Australia), Tulipwood (South America), Japanese Lilac (Orient), Swiss Pear (Europe) $50.00

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Celtic Fish Cross

The Celtic knot design is the symbol of oneness and the interconnectedness of all creation. This design also uses the ancient Christian symbol of the fish. Created by the chip carving technique, this cross accentuates the spirit of how friendships are woven together. Woods: Holly (white) when available or ‘apple’ (always one of the nine sacred woods) $30.00

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Centering Cross

Throughout the world, faith always brings its followers to a spiritual center. For Christians, it is Jesus Christ. Using woods (based on availability) that are important to a wide variety of faiths, small strips are inlaid in such a way that they converge at the center of the cross. Wood of Cross: Apple The inlay woods will be from four different faith traditions. These woods vary based on availability and your interests. I have used various Biblical woods (especially olive), woods from the ‘nine sacred trees’ from the Celtic tradition, Hisoo…

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Chakana Cross

The cross (2”x2”) is a blending of the faith of the indigenous peoples of Peru and Christian theology. In a traditional Chakana Cross, the center has a hole that focuses the light of life. I place the ‘circle of hands’ at the center as an affirmation that God’s light is revealed in relationship with one another. There is a pair of hands on either side of the cross. The woods used are canary, myrtle and quaparobo. $37.00

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Chalice Cross

The Chalice and the Host of the Sacrament of Holy Communion is central to the Christian Faith. The Chalice is the vessel that carries the essence of Life and the refreshing reality of Grace and Forgiveness. The Host or Bread is broken so that all may see the Truth that God in Christ offers healing and restoration. The Chalice and the Host is attached to the Cross so that all would know that Christ feeds us, the gathered community, in the Sacrament. Woods: White Oak, Holly, European Beech (the chalice) $37.00

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Choir Cross

This cross celebrates the rich sound of the many voices that make a joyful noise to the Lord. By combining the Bass and G Clefs a heart is formed. The heart of the choir are the harmonies and the various ways parts work together to create beautiful music. These clefs are fit over the top of a cross and glued to a medallion to make the fragile piece solid. It is only fitting that the cross is made of Canary wood. Woods: maple, walnut, canary. Sizes Regular $37.00 USDLarge $50.00 USD

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