Triquetra With Heart Spoon

The Triquetra With Heart Celtic Knot is carved as the handle for the 8 inch spoon. It is a witness to how we are fed by the love that is created within the relationship between God, the self and others. It made of white birch, carved on both sides and is finished with tung oil. Triquetra With Heart Spoon: $65

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Viking Heart Knot

This is a design that a friend of mine saw while visiting a museum in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was carved into ancient Viking ship. I modified it a bit so that the lines flow a bit better. This complex infinity knot reflects the twists and turns that two people experience while on life’s journey. It is 5 x 5.5 inches and is carved on both sides. It is made of white birch and finished with tung oil. The Viking Heart Knot: $100

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Woven Hearts Spoon (variation of a traditional design)

Within the lines of this spoon and knot, there is a gracefulness to their flow at is both soothing and hopeful. At first glance, it appears that the two lines create each heart – with each heart linked one to the other. Yet, as one follows the lines what is revealed is a deeper interconnection with each line helping to create a part of each heart. The message, we are connected one with another at a deep and profound levels. The length is 10 inches. Woven Hearts Spoon: $85

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