Wedding Cross

Free Standing This cross is approximately 7” by 3”. The cross pictured is made of red oak. The interlocked rings are of apple. The base is myrtle. Options: I can provide any number of types of wood for the cross including Purple Heart, Oak (from a beam of an old New England Church), Wenge and Maple. To personalize: I have used tree branches from the homes where the bride and groom grew up, or a leftover piece of lumber from the mantle of the couple’s new home. If you want to…

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Welcoming Cross

This cross can have many different interpretations. It can be a crucifix with the two woods symbolizing the two natures of Christ. The two woods can symbolize the relationship between the person wearing the cross and Christ. The two woods can also affirm the special or spiritual relationship between two friends. At the heart of the cross is the reality of God’s love. Wood of cross: Oak, Maple Person: Chauke Vega and Wenge Heart: Maple Regular size, $37.00

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