Red Ribbon Cross

The Red Ribbon Cross integrates the Red Ribbon into the Cross reminding us that in the wounds of Jesus, God too grieves the pandemic of AIDS/HIV.  It is only appropriate for these two powerful symbols be blended together for in the presence of death, each proclaims that the Word of Life and Love will prevail. The prayer at the heart of the Red Ribbon Cross is one of healing and life – of respect and inclusion – and for courage and strength to persevere till that time when the pandemic is…

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Ribbon of Hope Cross

A PINK RIBBON is associated with the effort to find a cure for breast cancer. It is a ribbon of connectedness that ties us together in the spirit of hope. The word ‘Pink’ also calls to mind other words starting with the letter P including perseverance, precious life, perfect love. The wood of the ribbon is Pink Ivory from southern Africa. The wood of the cross is myrtle, given to me by a breast cancer survivor. Woods: Pink Ivory and Myrtle   $40.00

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Spirit Cross

The cross itself is a classical style cross using two traditional symbols connected with the Holy Spirit: the descending dove and the nimbus. The open space was intentionally designed into the relationship between these two important symbols to emphasize how the dove and the nimbus are in relationship with each other in the mystery of faith. Wood for Cross: cross – red oak Nimbus – dogwood Dove – myrtle   $37.00

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Stole Cross

The stole of ministry is placed upon the shoulders to remind one of the ministry to which one is called. As the stole is draped around and upon the cross, it serves as a reminder that one ministers in the name of Jesus Christ. This is an appropriate gift for ordination or confirmation. Wood for the cross: Curly Maple or Iroko Stole: Satine (Red) Special order for purple stole (purpleheart) or white stole (holly) $37.00

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Sunflower Cross

This hand-carved sunflower is a witness to deeper spiritual truths and practices: devotion, stewardship, service and the beauty of creation. The ten petals can be used as a counting tool to remember the Ten Commandments. The flower is set into myrtle, the Biblical wood of hope. Woods: Smyrtle and pau amarello Regular size, $37.00 Large size $50.00

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Teacher’s Cross

The hummingbird is the Inca totem that represents the “messenger of God.” Teachers are God’s messengers. The carved hummingbird is set on a circle of Pau amarello from Peru. Wood for cross: Cherry Center Medallion: Pau amerello Hummingbird: Lignum Vitae (translated as ‘wood of life’) $37.00

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Treble Clef Cross

This cross affirms the Psalmist’s proclamation to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” This is the essence of the Christian call to bring the “Good News!” Wood for Cross: Maple Treble Clef: Purple Heart Regular size, $37.00 Large size, $50.00

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Trinitarian Cross

The peace blessing affirms the blessing of God the Father and Creator of peace, Jesus Christ the Son who died and was resurrected, and the Holy Spirit, affirmed in the form of the dove stylistically connected with the Creator. Wood of Cross: Myrtle Blessing Hand: Carpathian Elm Descending dove: Curly Maple $37.00

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Triquetra Cross

This cross uses the triquetra celtic infinity knot to celebrate the experience of the Trinity. This is a very concrete simple image that could be helpful in explaining the theology of the Trinity to a child.  The woods used in this cross are holly, quaparobo, and pau amerello. Regular size, $37.00 Large size, $50.00

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Triquetra With Heart Cross

The triquetra is a traditional ‘three loop’ Celtic Knot. In this design, the three ‘loop line’ is opened up into expand the line to include a heart. The knot is created with one line – the life line – making this an infinity knot with neither beginning or end. In the complexity of this knot, there is a simple truth: that relationships experienced along the path of life are a reflection of God’s infinite love. Woods: myrtle, holly, pau amarello Regular size, $37.00 Large size $50.00

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