Crosses by Woody
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Crosses of celebration: Baptism, Wedding crosses
Our wooden creations include:

Handmade Wooden Crosses

Crosses by Woody:

Woody Shook with a bowl of crosses!
  • Are Biblically based
  • Are hand made
  • Use new and traditional symbols in creative ways
  • Include an explanation of the design and the woods
  • Are 3" x 5.25" x 5/16", regular size, or 4" x 7.25" x 1/2", large size
  • May be worn, placed on desks, hung on walls
  • May be custom-designed to your needs

My Crosses

During 25 years of ministry, I have designed wooden crosses that are tangible expressions of a deeper spirituality. The cross of Christ is always at the center of my designs just as the Promise of the Resurrection is at the center of the Christian faith. By creatively combining particular symbols and images with specially selected woods, I make each cross into a distinctive statement of faith.

Contact Me

Rev. Woody Shook
106 Hurricane Rd.
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tel: 603-357-2113